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Dezember 5, 2022


A whisper through the autumn colored forest
Shivering the leaves, spiralling up and let them drop to their last resting point

Listen to you wholy forest, what is your message?
What do you want to tell me?
I am listening.

Balancing myself through the soft, leafy ground.
Breathing fresh mushroomed filled air. Moss is all around.
The creek is gurgling in the distance.

Holding my breath for a moment, then letting go. Staying in
the gaps. Breathing in and out. Pause. Listen. Stillness.

What is behind the stillness? 
What are you telling me, Mother Gaia?
I am listening.

Silence surrounds me. Wind whistling from the east. 
Silence moves me. I end the moon and add the sun. I create the earth.

I move, I write it down. Let it sink in, the waters of tears.
Bum, is the sound of leaves, waving the whole ground up to me.

The rise of the sun, shivers under my skin. I gaze at life, the spark of sun.
Let it be, the way it sings to me. It grooves the air through my hair.

And the moss touches my feet. 
Soft touch of a maid and beard of the wise old man,
The waves rising up from my feet till my head
Don`t know nothing and knowing all
The wisdom lies in me, 
With deep roots in the natural unknown.

Listen to you wholy forest, what is your message?
What do you want to tell me?
I am listening.

A waft of cool wind gives rise to goosebumps
That prickle me in a million places

The surface of my body more alive now
The scents and sounds. Light and shadow warm and dark 
Each is more distinct.

As an instrument of Gaia sensing Herself I am turning up.

Zings and blips uncensored till now appear
Thoughts begin to burst into mind

She is me, I AM She!

No big deal, yet simultaneously the most ecstatic clarity possible
Bursts and glares and fades with each next outbreath 
Back to the still mundane moment between.

One more leaf falls, its landing sounds reach my ear.
Another chance to listen to her, or listen to me.
What is this wisdom trying to communicate to me?
I am listening.

I put my feet on the ground 
Energetic roots grow in all directions
Immediately my body earned ears and eyes.
My sensations are all amplified 
The electricity runs along my veins and my blood
An unreasonable force take place and I listen to my breath
It’s not anymore a whispering, its loud and clear

This voice as fierce as a vulcano, and everything that it says
Shiver rise up all over my bodies
Cracking me open as wide open as the space itself

I am listening.

Poem Circle November 2022, Wheel of Life, Bridgehouse Bavorov

Christine Dürschner, Nicole Hartley-Bradford,  Gabriela Fagundes, Isabel Schrepel, Leonhard Geupel, Martin Salanda

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