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Undefine definition

Dezember 5, 2022

Undefine definition

Movement, leaves, wind, sand, dancing, 
The cold air from the north lay down on my skin  
I believe I am alive, is this a beginning? 
Or is it the end of what I decide to live? 

Life, what defines it?  
Heart beating? Breathing? Shaking? 

I look back from where I came from 
The sun settles in a warm, red orange line over the horizon 
The sadness let go what any longer belong to me  
I’ve decided to grieve and come here. 
let the life go into a wheel  

Death, what defines it? 
Stillness? Silence? Coldness? 

Preparing myself to learn how to fly by learning how to die 
The night falls, the birds go silent, cuddling together. 
I find my inner dark space, I am collecting my parts. 
Let go what not belong, this is a restart 

Rebirth, what defines it? 
Lifeforce? Curiosity? Growths? 

Listening to the wind, to the signs of life. 
I cut everything that imprisons me with this knife. 
Lifting my eyes to the next portal of my path 
I question it’s possible to let go  
Conflicts arising,  it’s seems that I have a last breath  

I live, I die, I am reborn, what defines me? 
Mind? Body? Spirit? Identity? 

What I create, what I leave behind? 
The change walks like a salesman from door to door. 
Offering herself as a gateway to something else. 
Will you buy her offerings? 
Will you step 
Into the unknown, into the big whole? 
What holds you back from doing that? 

Source, essence, nothing, 
finding the definitions 
vanish the vast array of possibilities  
kill the possible fractal futures. 

Existence, indefinable, existence.

Poem Circle November 2022, Wheel of Life, Bridgehouse Bavorov

Gabriela Fagundes, Isabel Schrepel, Nicole Hartley-Bradford, Christine Dürschner, Leonhard Geupel, Martin Salanda

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