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The responsible father

Dezember 5, 2022

The responsible father

There is a little light in the dark –
a light that carries on through time and space

I feel the pain of separation and still
I am connected with you 
and I cry,
because you do what needs to be done.

The path ahead is full of terrors and dangers
and still, you do not take it as a burden
you take it as chance such that love can happen.

Honoring the past, by honoring your past, your upbringing,
full of destruction and pain, of suffering and blame.
and I cry,
because I am with you in your pain.

A star comes in ease.

The gentleness and curiosity of life is ahead,
I chose. 
I chose to move further into unknown territories,
selfish it might appear, and yet it is neccessary.

Living full out, whatever that means.
Seeing you failing forward, not knowing, falling, standing up again,
and I cry,
because I see my hero failing, my inner compass dying.

There is a little light in the dark,
a light that carries on through time and space.

As star I shine the dark. As path I walk the ground.
As pain I spark the unknown for the care, because what needs to be done is me.

Moving stone towards the hill as love falls on the earth.
I care and cry for the pain 
and blame what I wasted on the path.

There is little light in the dark.

With love and pain I recognize the magician in you,
when you work with wood,
see the warrior,
when you stay strong while we are crying.
You may not know about those things,
you do it, because it feels like the only thing you can do.

You are like me, blood of my blood,
you are my mirror,
feeling such a pain.

No words will do justice to what swells in my heart
I dare not speak lest I diminish the power of this 

I dare not name it lest I break the magic

Behind you I see shapes, shadows of ancestors behind me in the mirror, mine appear

Fed by what is arising inside me, this too this unnameable something
is drawn forth through each of them to the next like 
the water of small springs meeting each other and forming creeks, rivers and at last an ocean.

We are the result of the love and fear and hate
the mistakes and sucesses of thousands.

The glint of light in your eye reflects the whole sun star.

There is a little light in the dark,
a light that carries on through time and space.

When I´m with you I find the space and time 
I create the space and time
As the nature cavitate on the one egg, life,
I cavitate in my self the possibility to be part
Part of your dreams, parts of your shadow 
Part of your heart and part of your path 
I create the time and space to the love unfold 

When I let myself connect with you 

I continue to walk the path that you lay down for me

Poem Circle November 2022, Wheel of Life, Bridgehouse Bavorov

Leonhard Geupel, Christine Dürschner, Nicole Hartley-Bradford,  Gabriela Fagundes, Isabel Schrepel, Martin Salanda

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