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Archetypal dance

Dezember 5, 2022

Archetypal dance

Coming out of the deep earth
Coming out from the depths of my heart
Fearing about the magic and majesty
Urging for expressing the wild

Elements and magic
So deep and natural in me
So endless far away from me

What flows, flows.
What is stuck, sticks.

Something catches my attention: a stuck thing that might flow!
Something else: a flowing thing that might become still!

Dare I insert my will?

I pause, watch, listen, sense. Urges grow and swing and shift and surge and then…

I move as I am moved to move, from where I cannot be certain.
What will be the consequences?

I come close to the fire, something it´s pushing me
The warm and embrace become alive in my bodies 
An impulse grows in my bone, become one with this fire
Shall I do it? And if I lose want, I guess that I have?

I touch the fire, and it touches me
This little candle become bigger; the light irradiates all through the room 
May my moving be a gift, magnifying and amplifying the magic, the majesty.

What is the gift that my being brings when I´m dancing?
What happen when I allow myself to go to the deep earth?
When I decide to go deep, deep in my heart?
What if I´m going there and lose the illusion that I´m living so far?

The changes happen when the pain to stay is bigger than the pain to leave 
Dancing with my feeling I find the possibility
The possibility to grow
I take it by the hand
Let my purpose guide me
With all its fierceness,
All its wonders,
All the aliveness and excitement,
One step after the other,
Nonlinear, curvy, vulnerable, beautiful
A dance of magic and invisible forces
That flow through me
And ignite the fires inside of me
I am the spring, the summer, the fall, and the winter

My seed is sprouting, dancing into existence
My head is moving upwards to reach the sunlight
Getting nourished by the earth, the sunlight, wind, and rain

What will I give birth to? What seed is sprouting?
What will I become? Dancing myself into the mystical life.

Sprouts of blossoms carving the colors of the joy.
Sparks on the trees firing their energy to life, giving as sun to the end.
Endless magic of the life.

Poem Circle November 2022, Wheel of Life, Bridgehouse Bavorov

Isabel Schrepel, Leonhard Geupel, Christine Dürschner, Nicole Hartley-Bradford,  Gabriela Fagundes, Martin Salanda

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